07 February 2017


If you haven't caught on to the fever, or are just plain curious about the hashtags doing the rounds - this one's for you.

At chase, what we love to do is hear what you have to say. This time we're taking it one step further - we're giving you an opportunity to be part of HOC!

Well it all started when people, college students mostly, got in touch with us for internships. They’d seen our Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and would like to be part of the team. They have interest in fashion, marketing. So we thought why not present them with the opportunity for the ultimate internship experience. And so, we did. We went through a sea of applications, held interviews and picked out a handful of stars that we thought would be best to spread the HOC love.

So what is Chase-x campus? How do they get to play around with the HOC label and most importantly how do they get in? We know you have the questions and we have the answers. So, sit down and grab your tea/tee.

The campus rep program, engineers your resume to step it up in terms of marketing, advertising and even events planning. It’s the best way for career-focused students to portray their effervescent side and strengthen their major in the place they are most comfortable in - their college. What more could one ask for. Well, lots more.  Apart from being an insider in a fashion house, our campus reps get to give us their insights on campus news, what’s trending etc. They even get to try out some of the HOC goodies before they even hit the stands. And most importantly they get to represent HOC on their campus and everywhere they go!

The chosen campus reps for 2017 are 

     a. Nachammai, M. O. P. Vaishnav College 

     b. Pristina Ann Lynda, Stella Maris College

     c. Shriya Selvam, Stella Maris College

Armed with their love for fashion, business and social media, these campus reps shone through with their exciting personality. With the opportunity that demands energy, excitement and fun, we are sure their love for HOC will set them apart in any crowd. We are waiting for them to spread the HOC love. Join us in cheering them on!