10 January 2017

Fall Fashion

If there’s one thing that we can agree on about the Fashion space of Summer 2016, it is probably the fact that it was deep rooted in minimalism! While we enjoyed that while it lasted, we’re now ready for the bold, out-there colours to take over our wardrobes and the streets, and that’s exactly what the Fall Fashion gave us on their runways. If you’re looking to revamp yourself, here’s a lowdown on the freshest colours this season – pick your favourites from the House of Chase collection and fit right in!

Blackest Black

Yes! We know! Black is a colour for all seasons, it transcends fashion calendars and the weather calendar, but Fall Fashion 2016 saw a focus on the ‘Blackest Black’ that we just could not look past. If you caught the Givenchy and Valentino Fall runway shows, you’d see more black than usual. In fact, Christian Dior went all out and had even lips painted black. Here are some House of Chase styles in Blackest Black to keep your Fall styles intact.


Navy Blue – Cobalt Blue

 From cocktail dresses to baby doll dresses to even naval officer style jackets, Navy Blue has been quite the colour this season. We even think it’s safe to say that practically all designers from Milan to London, Paris to New York have incorporated this timeless colour in their collections, and most have featured them so beautifully that it’s stood up to the test of colours this season. Tommy Hilfiger (not very surprisingly) brought this Navy Blue up in quite a few numbers, and we have to agree that this is one such colour that transforms with each design. Take your pick from the House of Chase collection to throw in this colour and make your wardrobe all fall and fashionable.


Fall is when the weather turns chilly and the colours go subdued. So one of the obvious fall colours every year is Olive green, which truly fits the mood of the season. But what made Olive stand out this season is how versatile it was – from formal girl boss dresses to amazing skirts, it proved to be a right fit to every style and cut. Skirts, dresses, and even jackets were brought out in the most amazing way by Vera Wang, in this colour that could so easily go unnoticed. At House of Chase, this is one of our favourite colours – here are a few options to jazz up your Fall wardrobe in the most subtle way!

Powdery Pastels

When we say/hear ‘Fall Fashion’ or ‘Fall Looks’ or anything to do with Fall, there’s a lot of rigid outlines, structured patterns, and more often than not, it includes dark broody colours. So imagine our surprise when we’re looking at runway shows and catch some pastel shades that are so remnant of the Spring!  While we love Fall Fashion, this year we’re feeling all too summery, thanks to Atelier Versace’s unusual pastels on the runway. We’re big lovers of pastels shades here, at House of Chase. Take your pick from our collection to add that tiny bit of summer to your Fall wardrobe.



From sophisticated to casual, there is just one answer to all your fashion doubts. No fear when sharkskin grey is in the spotlight. Clearly the big fashion houses agree, because we’ve spotted quite a bit of Sharkskin on the runways all over. If you’re following the Fall fashion world over, you’ll see that Zac Posen is totally at the top of the Sharkskin game with their perfect silhouettes, with the subtle elegance that is recognizable all at once! We’ve identified some pieces from the House of Chase range to look your runway best this fall. Here you go!

Warm Taupe

If there’s one colour that could go perfectly well with the others on this list, but is also mighty merry in its own company, it has to be Warm Taupe. We agree, it (kind-of) feels like a reflection of the dull outdoors, but once it’s on you, trust us, it can makeover your style to look so in-the-moment and timeless simultaneously. In fact, Chanel’s collection of Warm Taupe coats is probably something that can get our minds out of the winter-mood of wanting to be holed at home all day – because who wouldn’t want to show off these beauts! At House of Chase, we’ve got quite the collection in this shade, which will entice you enough to forget winter for a couple of hours! Take a look, and take your pick!

Well, we understand that you’re practically staying up at night, waiting to give this latest fashion a go, and look your best this season.  So before it’s too late to be part of the Fall Fashion scene, head over to House of Chase and pick up your favourites this season. Or – if you’re already in the fall frame of mind, stay where you are and click here to shop right now!